Find Your Next Opportunity with Parks and Recreation

Whitehall Parks and Recreation is dedicated to promoting and supporting the well-being of families and communities through education, recreation, and utilization of the environmental opportunities the parks offer. With over $9.3 million invested into our five community parks and the Whitehall Community Park YMCA since 2017, we’re proud to share that opportunities with Parks & Recreation are growing daily. 

Learn about those opportunities by navigating the pages below and learn more about our progress by viewing the Whitehall Parks and Recreation 2019 Report. Some of our 2019 and other recent accomplishments include:

  • 10,302 total program participants in 2019 (a 94% increase since 2018)
  • 295 volunteer hours clocked in 2019
  • 3,400 Splash Pad visitors in 2019
  • 41% increase in fundraising in three years
  • $740,536 in grants awarded since 2017
  • 7 state-wide Ohio Parks & Recreation Association (OPRA) awards won since 2017
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