Splashpad at John Bishop Park

Resident Users (up to ages 10) must register in their parent/guardian household. All children must show proof of age (birth certificate). Parents/guardians must show Whitehall residency. After this process is complete, resident users may be accompanied by any caregiver meeting the guidelines below.  

Members of the Whitehall Senior Citizens Center can now register their grandchildren at the Splashpad.

Splashpad Hours - Opens Friday May 25th and Closes Monday September 3rd

Residents are invited to register their household online using the information here.  Once registered, the household should bring proof of residency, photo IDs, and proof of age to the Splashpad for their first visit.

The Parks and Recreation staff will be at WCS events to register people for the Splashpad.


All non-residents will be required to pay admission using a credit or debit card.  Entry fee:  $5 per non-resident splashpad user (ages 10 and under only, provide proof of age).  

Day cares will not be permitted during normal operating hours.  Day cares must pre-book a morning time to use the splash pad and pay at booking.

Limit to 100 or fewer users at the discretion of supervising staff given conditions at the time

Entry and Supervision
Only guests ages 10 and under will be permitted to use the Splashpad and all children must be accompanied by an adult.  
A current utility bill and valid Ohio driver’s license is required for resident entry. 
Non-residents ages 10 and under will be charged $5 per visit.
Proof of age is required for children ages 10 years and under (birth certificate).
Require 1:2 ratio for users aged 4 and under; Require 1:5 ratio for users ages 5 to 10.  (Or 1 user ages 4 and under and 2 users ages 5 to 10 per each adult)
Pending software, residents will be logged with photos and may not need ID after first admission.
All children must have an adult/guardian at least 16 years of age supervising at all times within gate area.
Splash pad users ages 10 and under only, unless adult is required due to age or need of assistance.
Children ages 4 and under must be within arm’s reach at all times.
All other children must be within sight of supervising adult at all times.
Youth between the ages of 11 and 15 may attend with supervising adult and are only permitted in play area when acting as supervising adult for child ages 4 and under.

Lockers will be available on a first come, first served basis. Locks may not be left on lockers overnight.
Consider this a “young lungs at play area” and prohibit smoking within 20 feet of path or fenced areas.
Eating and drinking is permitted in designated areas only.
Prohibited: Drugs, alcohol, tobacco, smoking, coolers, glass, music, pets/animals other than service animals.
All bags, coolers, containers subject to search and restricted from entry.
Individuals may be expelled or banned for offensive behavior, foul language, or aggressive behaviors.

Splashpad will close for the day if weather is below 70*, rains, high winds, lightning/thunder, or power outages.
Splashpad will close if the City is on restricted water use.
Splashpad will close for necessary maintenance during operating hours.

Follow the following link to register you and your family for entrance to the Splashpad.
Splashpad Registration