Adopt-a-Street Program

In an effort to reduce litter and continue to beautify Whitehall, the City is launching an “Adopt-a-Street” program. Cities like Grove City and Pataskala have similar programs in place.

Organizations, businesses and families wishing to make a difference in their community can adopt a street and help maintain the overall look of Whitehall.

Those wishing to adopt a street must agree to clean-up their designated portion of roadway six times each year.

Groups will be given supplies to conduct the clean-up. The City will place signage recognizing each group that adopts a street and take care of removing trash bags after litter removal.

For more information about the Adopt-a-Street program, please call 614-237-8613.

How to get involved?

1) Get your group together
2) Call the Whitehall Community Affairs Office at 614-237-8613 and express your interest.
3) Read, fill out and submit the Whitehall Adopt-a-Street Program Volunteer Agreement, found here.
4) Fill out and submit the individual volunteer agreement forms for adults and minors
5) Send your completed forms to  
6) Help beautify your community!