Free Drug Drop Box

The City of Whitehall Division of Police, in collaboration with the National Association of Drug Diversion Investigators, is pleased to announce the addition of a Drug Drop Box to the list of services provided to the citizens of Whitehall. 

Recognizing that rates of prescription drug abuse in the United States is alarmingly high and difficult to address, the Drug Drop Box Program has been instituted as a means to combat the diversion of legally prescribed drugs for illegal sales and abuse.

Secondly, the program provides a safe and convenient manner in which the citizens of Whitehall can rid their homes of expired or unneeded prescribed or over the counter drugs, many of which are controlled substances.  By providing this service, drugs can be safely disposed of in a controlled manner, instead of being flushed into our water supply or tossed out in household trash.  Collected drugs from this program will be disposed of in accordance with acceptable public health guidelines. 

To utilize this service, citizens can simply bring their expired or unneeded drugs to the lobby of the Whitehall Division of Police, located at 365 S. Yearling Road, at any time (the lobby is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week) and drop them into the secure, marked box that looks similar to a mailbox.  No paperwork is required and the process is done anonymously. 

No syringes or liquids of any kind may be deposited into the box.  The program is only set up to accept pills, tablets and drug patches.