Mobile Community Watch

Program Details

The Whitehall Mobile Community Watch Program is comprised of neighborhoods, much like your own, that have decided to insure the safety of their community by forming a partnership with the Whitehall Division of Police. Volunteers wear uniforms that proudly display to any potential criminal that they are the eyes and ears of law enforcement within this community.
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Over 100,000 members from communities across the country currently help law enforcement keep their neighborhoods safe by volunteering as a part of various community watch programs. Each member of the Whitehall Mobile Community Watch receives training, uniforms, and guidance from the Whitehall Division of Police to ensure that this program succeeds in helping eliminate crime from your neighborhood. 

All members of the Whitehall Mobile Community Watch are supervised by a sworn law enforcement liaison officer who will monitor the performance of patrols under their jurisdiction. 

Resident & Police Partnership

The Mobile Community Watch Program is an effective approach to residential safety, awareness, and involvement and serves as a strong deterrent against unlawful actions of potential criminals. Considerable credit for the reduction of crime rates is attributed to the presence of the mobile community watch on the streets of participating neighborhoods, plus the continuous vigilance of individual patrol members. 

The effectiveness of any neighborhood community watch is totally dependent on the efficient management of the program by its patrol leaders, together with the loyalty and dedication shared among the individual members. Your willingness to serve with the program is a positive indication of your enthusiastic interest in the safety and security of your neighborhood. Your time and energy will be a most worthwhile investment for the betterment of your community. 

Awareness and involvement are keys to a successful Community Watch Program. Keeping interest high and continuing the group’s crime prevention education must be the primary focuses of all participants. 

Mobile Community Watch Program

  • A Mobile Community Watch member’s primary job function is to patrol a designated area and observe suspicious occurrences, people, or objects. 
  • Perform routine house checks of closed houses, when requested, and report any unusual occurrences.
  • Contact police communications upon observation of any suspicious activity, vehicle, or person. 
  • Patrol designated area in a diligent and professional manner. 
  • Respond on predetermined calls for service (traffic direction, traffic assistance, etc.). 
  • Turn in all reports and paperwork to the community watch liaison at the end of each shift. 
  • Be courteous and professional in the performance of duties and assigned tasks. 
  • Participate in special events throughout Whitehall. 
  • Maintain all equipment in a proper condition. 
  • Maintain appearances in conformity with the acceptable Whitehall Division of Police policy.