Brush & Tree Trimming Collection

The City of Whitehall will only pick up brush and tree limbs from property maintenance performed by the resident. Whole trees cut down by the resident are not eligible for City removal and no part of those trees will be picked up.

The purpose of the City’s brush and limb program is to help residents maintain their trees and shrubs, not to encourage their removal. If a tree service is hired to trim or cut down a tree they are solely responsible for that removal. Brush and tree limbs will not be picked up from October through March. During this time the street crews will be devoting their time to leaf pickup and snow removal.

Any limbs or brush generated during this period will not be picked up by City forces. This brush must be in lengths no longer than 4 feet, tied by string or twine into manageable bundles, and set out for Local Waste Services for pick up on your regular trash day. Brush and tree limbs not accepted by Local Waste Services will be picked up or chipped by the City.

City Pick up Requirements

The City will only pick up brush and tree limbs not accepted by Local Waste Services as manpower allows. This does not include whole trees or excessive amounts of brush or limbs. The street superintendent or his representative will determine what constitutes excessive amounts. For safety to the chipper operators and the equipment, items not suitable for chipping must not be mixed with suitable items. Items such as thorns and dead brush must be separated and will be collected by hand.

Branches and brush that meet requirements must be placed at the curb with the cut end pointed in the direction of the flow of traffic. Crews are sent out on a routine schedule so that there is no need to call for a pickup. Logs or stumps larger than 14 inches in diameter or longer than 3 feet cannot be picked up by City forces. Any logs or stumps, which do not conform to these requirements, must be removed by a private hauler or must be cut or split to meet these standards.

Contact Information

For additional information, please contact the Public Service Department by calling (614) 237-8612.