Trash Collection

Whitehall City Code
933.14 Payment for Curbside Trash Collection

(b) All owners of single-family, twin-single, double, duplex, and multi-family dwellings are required to utilize the services of the authorized franchisee for curbside pickup and to make payment to said franchisee under the terms of the contract in effect. Failure of any such owner to comply with the terms of this section shall be subject to the penalty set forth in Section 933.99. Ordinance 33-06 passed April 18, 2006.

Effective January 1, 2011, the authorized franchisee for curbside pickup is Local Waste Services. To establish service or for questions regarding your service or bill, call Local Waste Services at (614) 409-9375.

Brush, Tree Limb & Yard Waste Collection

In addition to household trash and recyclables, Local Waste Services picks up brush, tree limbs, and other yard waste every trash collection day of the year when presented correctly:
  1. Tree limbs and brush must be cut in lengths no longer than 4 feet
  2. Tied with twine into manageable bundles, no more than 2 feet in diameter
  3. Placed at the curb where your other trash is placed
If a tree service is hired to trim or cut down a tree, the property owner is solely responsible for that removal. Whole trees cut down either by the resident or by a tree service will not be removed by the City.

Yard Waste

Put all yard waste in organically biodegradable bags or containers reserved for and marked "Yard Waste", and then place at curb for regular collection. "Yard Waste" stickers are available in the Service Department at City Hall, or may be placed into organically biodegradable bags specifically designed for this purpose. These bags can be purchased at hardware or home supply stores. Plastic garbage bags are not acceptable for this purpose.

As with all trash and recyclable items, you may place yard waste brush, as described above at the curb after sundown on the evening before collection day, and return the container to the rear of your property by sundown on the day of collection.