Snow Removal

City Streets Snow Clearing Program

The City Service Department has an aggressive program of removing snow from city streets and using rock salt and brine to melt the snow. We clear snow and ice from all City streets on a priority basis. Main streets are cleared first, then emergency routes, and finally local residential streets.

Residents can help in our removal process by moving vehicles from the street during snow episodes. When a plow has to go around a parked car it takes two other car lengths to safely negotiate that vehicle. Parked cars on the street make it more hazardous for the plow driver. Also, with a heavy snow, these vehicles may get plowed in by the snow removal process further aggravating the situation. If a snow emergency has been declared, vehicles are required to be removed from the street until the snow emergency is over.

Removing Snow From Your Sidewalks

Common courtesy dictates that residents consider the needs of those who depend upon the sidewalks to get them to bus stops, schools, stores, etc. Uncleared sidewalks are especially hazardous for the handicapped, the elderly, and school children. If forced into the street by uncleared sidewalks, they are putting themselves at risk. When snowfall arrives this winter, please consider the needs of others and shovel your sidewalks. Additionally, moving vehicles into driveways and off the side streets will enable the street crew to more efficiently clean the snow off the streets.