Leaf Collection

Disposal Dates 

The City of Whitehall has altered the way it collects leaves in our continued efforts to improve the level of your City services and be efficient with your tax dollars. 

A change in this process has become necessary for a variety of reasons, including additional Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) requirements dealing with the storage of collected leaves. In addition to this change, the City is not able to receive leaf storage Dumpsters as part of its solid waste contract.

Beginning in 2016, the City of Whitehall was split into three zones for leaf pick-up. City crews are in each zone during specific weeks. The schedule will allow you to know the exact week when crews will be in your area, so you can plan your yard maintenance accordingly. Each zone will see collection three separate times throughout the fall, beginning in early October and running through early December. Please see the searchable map below.

Previously, it has taken our crews approximately three weeks to sweep the entire City.

Residents will need to rake their leaves to the curb prior to the beginning of their zone’s scheduled week. This will allow our crews to complete each zone within the time period and remain on schedule. Any leaves remaining after our crews have completed their final collection in your zone will need to either be placed in yard waste cans/bags at the curb for pick-up by our waste hauler, Local Waste, or mulched by you.

2019 Leaf Pick-Up Schedule

Zone 1 Zone 2 Zone 3
Week of Oct. 14th Week of Oct. 28th Week of Oct. 21st
Week of Nov. 4th Week of Nov. 18th Week of Nov. 12th
Week of Nov. 25th Week of Dec. 9th Week of Dec. 2nd
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