Reporting Animal Issues

The Animal Control Officer responds to animal related calls such as:
  • Animal bites
  • Animals running at large
  • Barking dog complaints
  • Cruelty complaints
  • Nuisance conditions
  • Sick or injured animals
  • Tracing license or rabies tags

Report and track your animal issue online.

Animals at Large

Other than on the owner’s property, animals including dogs and cats are not permitted to run at large. If you feed a ‘stray’ cat, under law you are considered the owner and can be held responsible. If you want to help control our feral cat problem there are free programs available for spay / neuter to reduce the number of nuisance animals. You may contact the Animal Control Officer for more information. Dogs must be under direct control by means of a leash and properly be picked up after.


Animal bites inflicted by a dog, cat, bat, or raccoon must be reported to the Animal Control Officer or to the Whitehall Police Department within 24 hours, no matter how minor the injury may be. This includes bites that are inflicted by even your own pet.


Dogs may not be chained outside. They can be kept in a secured fenced yard or kennel, and alternatively can be controlled by a trolley system. This is to protect our pets from accidental strangulation and/or injuries.

Please note: If you replace or install a fence, you are required to get a permit first through the Service Department. Any dog kept, even temporarily, outside must have access to shelter and water at all times.

 Ohio defined and Whitehall declared vicious dogs must carry an insurance policy and be confined properly by code upon the owner’s property as well as separately registered with the Whitehall Police Department. This includes any breed of dog commonly known as a Pit Bull or Pit Bull mix.


Dogs and other animals may not bark or make repeated noises that may disrupt the comfort of our community or citizens. Maximum allowed duration is 15 minutes.


If you come across wildlife in or around your home, please note that only in emergency instances or when there is a threat of public safety will the Animal Control Officer respond. Private pest control numbers can be found in the yellow pages. The City of Whitehall does not contract with nor can we refer you to a specific company. However, if you have a bat flying in your house in the living quarters where there are young children, impaired, or elderly persons that may have been exposed to the bat, call immediately for assistance.

Contact Info

Steven Brown
Animal Control Officer
(614) 338-0192