Fire Bureaus

Operations Bureau
The Fire Division has essentially two separate functions. The Operations Bureau is the most visible part of the division. It is the response part of the business. We have the capability to respond to fire, rescue, or emergency medical situations. Our vehicle contingent is made up of one engine, two medics, and a battalion. Our staff vehicles (chief, assistant chief, and fire prevention) are all equipment to handle or start care during a response when needed. Our responses range from cuts and bruises to working fires with people trapped. We train for multiple types of responses, so we are prepared to serve you and help in your time of need.

Prevention Bureau
The Prevention Bureau is the other side of our business. As the name states, the bureau is for the prevention of fire. This is accomplished through inspections of local businesses and properties. Their goal is very simple: Get people out the building safely. They enforce the fire and building codes in the City in cooperation with the Building Department and Police Division. Many times the three sections conduct inspections together so the owner hears the complete picture of what needs to be done and how. It has worked well for the business community.

A growing part of the bureau is medical prevention. Just as we do with Safety Town for young kids, we conduct programs for the older population in conjunction with the Police Division. It has always been said that the prevention is the business of trying to put the operations side of the house out of business.

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